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Nathan is passionate about efficiency. And he has noticed that searching for information online isn’t a simple process anymore. He created find to help people discover the information they need to the quickest and most comprehensive way they possibly can.

Previously Nathan worked as a Student In Residence for Illuminate Ventures where he targeted new investments and mentored young companies. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Carnegie Mellon where he has been designated the President of the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club and has been given the James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellowship. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, he managed a quickly growing team at aPriori technologies who implemented complex software into some of the worlds best companies including Boeing, Volvo, Space X and Whirlpool.

Peter doesn’t quit. He identifies problems, insists that there must be solutions, and then tackles those problems with a rigor unmatched by most.

Peter’s previous life at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the #2 cancer center in the world, involved him in developing custom internal applications that improve patient care. In particular he developed an internal patient tracking app that allows nocturnist doctors to track patients using hashtags. These hashtags were then analyzed to improve medical education, optimize staffing schedules, and track hospital bed counts.

For fun, and out of necessity, Peter likes to create apps that help him work better. Most recently he’s created a mass transit monitoring service since no other ones around Pittsburgh are traditionally accurate.

Peter got his BS in Information Systems at Stony Brook and is currently pursuing his MBA at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Harsha Web

Harsha connects those who gather information to those who need it. At Samsung, his internet of things application which connects together a smart home has received over 50 million downloads. His work was so well received that he received the prestigious Spot award for contribution to the development at Samsung Research

Harsha received his BT from the Indian Institute of Technology in Computer Science, and is current pursuing his Masters in Information Networking at Carnegie Mellon University.

Before starting his academic Journey, Harsha scored in the top 0.3% of all students who took India’s top technical Joint Entrance Examination.

Bobby drives sustainable businesses. His current company, Kania Labs, has over one hundred thousand monthly users, produces steady, passive income and constantly grows through SEO techniques he has mastered.

Previously, his passion for entrepreneurship helped him drive the first on demand ATM service for Capital One using a million dollar budget. Here he lead a large cross functional team, and drove to acquire buy in from key stakeholders.

Bobby received his BS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech where he was SummaCum Laude. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Carnegie Mellon, and has received the distinguished James R Swartz Fellowship.

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The Coaches

Craig Web

Craig S. Markovitz,is a co-founder of Blue Belt Technologies, Inc., a spinoff from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.  He served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer for over 7 years and, in this capacity, launched the company, raised capital, managed operations, and led a January 2011 merger with HealthpointCapital (private equity).  He then transitioned to Chief Operating Officer, helped to lead substantial growth of the company and was a key member of the deal team that led to an acquisition by Smith and Nephew, plc in January 2016 for $275,000,000.  He was the recipient of the 2016 Carnegie Science Center Entrepreneur and the 2016 Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards. 

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Florin is the Director of Scientific Computing for MCS at Carnegie Mellon. He has a PhD in Physics, MSc in Computer Science, and an MBA. He is one of the founders of the academic Internet infrastructure named RoEduNet which currently almost all schools, universities, and research institutes in Romania.

RoEduNet started in the 90’s and evolved into a governmental agency overseeing a complex technical organization connecting the country to the European Union communication infrastructure.

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Dave Mawhinney is executive director, Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship. He serves as the managing director, Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund, and director, i6 Agile Innovation System, a collaboration between InnovationWorks and CMU. Dave is also associate teaching professor at the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business.

Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, Dave was co-founder, chairman and CEO of mSpoke, an internet content and advertising recommendation engine, that was acquired in 2010 by LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional social networking site. In 2006, Morgan Stanley’s MSCI/Barra business unit acquired mSpoke’s first business line, a quantitative investment recommendation engine.

Before mSpoke, Dave was general partner of PNC Technology Investors. Earlier in his career, he co-founded three successful startup ventures, including Premier Health Exchange (acquired by Medibuy), Hawk Medical (acquired by McKesson), and Industry.Net (merged with AT&T Business Network to form Nets, Inc.).

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Aniket Kittur is an Associate Professor and holds the Cooper-Siegel Chair in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. His research on crowd-augmented cognition looks at how we can augment the human intellect using crowds and computation.

He has authored and co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed papers, 14 of which have received best paper awards or honorable mentions. Dr. Kittur is a Kavli fellow, has received an NSF CAREER award, the Allen Newell Award for Research Excellence, major research grants from NSF, NIH, Google, and Microsoft, and his work has been reported in venues including Nature News, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Slashdot, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. He received a BA in Psychology and Computer Science at Princeton, and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from UCLA.

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